Instutional Policies



We guarantee to present the best qualified product and service at competitive prices with the cooperation of all our staff and providing total customer satisfaction.

We gurantee continuous improvement of our Quality and Food Safety Management  Systems which aims at reliability in the company and the consistency of a peaceful work enviroment while supporting developmental changes.

We guarantee to improve our production methods continuously by using new technologies and training our staff  to use our resources efficiently.

We gurantee to adopt all current legal regulations, while doing all our work.

1.2   Enviromental Policy

To meet the requirements of related enviromental legislation and achieve better. 

To try to improve Enviroment Management System continuously.

To minimize waste, to prevent pollution at its source and decrease its negative effects on the enviroment.

To protect the enviroment and to work for raising this awareness in our neighbourhood, in our country and in our world.

To identfy the risks about the enviroment in emergencies and reduce them. 

To prevent the negatives effects on the enviroment by implementing the rules of Occupational Health and Safety rules. 

To improve the staff and the contractors by providing training for them to raise consciousness about the enviroment. 

To prevent and reduce air and water pollution, leak and spilling, and noise as much as possible.

To reduce package usage and waste, to provide recyclable package and reuse them.

To improve methods to protect the natural resources such as energy and water.

To use the energy and materials effiiciently.

To keep the enviromental factors which are caused by the contractors’ actions under control.

To keep the enviromental factors related to new products, processes and actions under control and minimize their effects.

1.3   Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Dizaynpak Printing and Packaging Technologies Inc., our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is to respect all the occupational health and safety legislations, to provide a healthy and safe work enviroment for both our staff and the enviroment by minimizing the risks of work accidents and occupational illnesses with a proactive point of view. Moreover, our company guarantee to improve occupational health and safety management and performance continuously with  preventing injuries and health problems

1.4 Social Responsibility Policy

To fulfill our enviromental and social responsibilities to public in all our fields of activity in cooperation with our staff, our suppliers, public and non-governmental organizations.

To make our staff use their personal rights properly believing that human resources are the most important factor of sustainable growth.

To provide our staff a healthy and safe work enviroment that lets them work in harmony without exception of religion, language, race, sex, political opinion, age or physical disabilities among our staff.

To make our staff and suppliers work within the frame of trading honesty respecting company’s ethical rules. 

To comply with international standards by protecting our culture and traditions.

1.5 Anti Bribe Policy

All Dizayn Printing Staff run the business ethically and lawfully. Dizayn Printing should not use illegal payments, bribe, bonus and other suspicious means of stimulus. Dizayn Printing especially forbids bribe to any of its staff or representatives. This policy comprises all the operations of the company.

1.6 Human Rights and Employee Rights Policy

Dizayn Printing aims to create a respectful work enviroment for the human rights and raise the awareness of the human rights among its staff, customers and shareholders.

Dizayn Printing does its best to meet the fundemantal principles of International Labour Organization and the requirements of international contracts that our country is a part of, in addition to Labor Law.

Dizayn Printing runs its relationship with its staff and customers with due regard. According to its ethical rules, it runs the business without exception of religion, language, race, sex, political opinion, age or physical disabilities and within the frame of respect, trust, objectiveness and transparency. It is responsible for maintaining  these relationships by staying away the behaviours which can be perceived as maltreatment and in a way that does not ruin the work enviroment.

Dizayn Printing is responsible for taking the necessary precautions to prevent the acts of maltreatment, discrimination and abuse and reporting to the Human Resources Department in suspicious situations. The staff can also report directly to their managers or to the Human Resources Department if they have any complaints.

This kind of complaints cannot be used against the person who makes the complaint and it is concluded after serious investigation. Dizayn Printing is responsible for applying the necessary administrative sanctions to the responsible people when discrimination, abuse or any other maltreatment are detected.

Dizayn Printing avoids any implements that lead to unfair competition about staff recruitment. 

According to Human Rights Policy, Dizayn Printing does not recruit the staff under the legal minimum working age.

Dizayn Printing has already improved Human Resources implementations, personnel recruitments,  based on equality of woman and man and supports the women employees and their participation of the work force. Furthermore, our company takes necessary precautions to protect the staff’s health, safety and peace and provides them a peaceful work atmosphere.

Dizayn Printing gives a great importance to provide equal opportunities without any exception while recruiting staff or giving them chance to career development. Dizayn Printing lets its women employees who are mothers continue their career where they leave and gives them equal chances to make use of opportunities so it aims to provide a work enviroment which protects the balance between the work and family life.

Dizayn Printing opposes to make the staff work by force or enforcedly.

Dizayn Printing aims to take the necessary precautions to prevent any work accident and to provide a safe and healthy work enviroment. It gives a great importance to inform its staff according to Occupational Health and Safety Legislations.

Dizayn Printing gurantees a safe work enviroment from any abuse, harrasment and violence.