Multi Layered Packaging with Barrier

Laminated Package with barrier

Structure : PAPER / PE/ ALU foil /PE combinations



  • Superior oxygen barrier 
  • Water and moisture barrier
  • Oil barrier



Effective barrier qualifications help the migration risky foods to protect their freshness during shelf-life.

Common usage area includes dry foods and powder products that contains high fat. 


  • Instant soup packages
  • Powdered milky and aromatic beverages 
  • Dry yeast packages
  • Food supplements for babies 
  • Butter packages
  • Bouillon Packages


Besides the food industry the other usage areas are single use wipes, fridge back foil and insulating materials. 


  • The structure of material is designed to minimize the cost and maximize the effectiveness of cost-efficiency balance. 
  • The structure of the barrier protects the products during shelf-life.
  • The smooth surface lets the attractive designs and easy printing to promote the product effectively.